Artist! Artist!

Last week RACC presented its annual Artist's Fellowship Award -- and a prize of $20,000 -- to Johanna Priestly. Johanna is a world-class animator and filmmaker whose prolific output has wonderful humor and depth. Her work has won many awards and has appeared on PBS and BBC2, as well as in Norway, Germany, Poland, and India. For years she has served as an ambassador for Northwest filmmaking, and was an early supporter of the Platform International Animation Festival that debuted in Portland this past summer. Congratulations to Johanna!

Meanwhile, a former Fellowship recipient, Michael Brophy is in the news because his home and studio in North Portland were destoryed in a fire late last week. Many of Michael's personal belongings were lost in the fire that consumed his house as a result of a careless neighbor's bbq, but word is that firefighters worked diligiently to save many of the fires from his studio before the roof collapsed on that structure. Most of Michael's works are pretty highly regarded for how they capture the landscape of the region.

Contributions to help Michael rebuild his studio can be sent to:

Memo: for Michael Brophy studio rebuilding fund
108 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209-3318

(Contributions are tax deductible.)

Another artist, Michael L. Wilson, also lost his home in the fire. A benefit luncheon will be held October 14 at The Rake Art Gallery, 325 NW 6th, Portland, 503.914.6391,

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