Political Update

As many of you know by now, I've started trying to drum up support for John Branam to fill the Commissioner seat being vacated by Sam Adams (who's now running for Mayor). There's actually a fantastic field of candidates this year -- Chris Smith, Amanda Fritz, and Charles Lewis -- but of them all I think John is the most motivated (and motivational) leader, an can be the advocate for children that our City so desperately needs. He's also a fantastic advocate for arts, equal rights, and the environment. John grew up in Oregon, spent 2.5 years in the Peace Corps, worked for UNICEF in Kenya and earned his law degree from U of O. His website will be launching soon at www.john4pdx.com. If you want to support his publicly funded campaign with a gift of $5, please let me know!!

Meanwhile, Sam Adams our mayoral candidate is poised to confront Sam Adams the beer over name infringement. It seems that KEX afternoon deejays Mark and Dave (who occasionally show teeny tiny hints of progressive thinking despite an extremely conservative audience) were having a bit of fun when they snatched up the URLs www.samadamsformayor.com and www.mayorsamadams.com. The folks at Boston Beer Company don't like that one bit, and have issued a cease and desist order. But now that Mark and Dave have gotten Commissioner Sam Adams's endorsement to fight the beer company for rights to use the name (it is his legal name, after all), we'll all have to wait and see how the beer company responds when KEX tells them to shove it.

I love politics.

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