Buh Bye

Amidst the spitting half-frozen rain, Taylor hopped on a bus for Outdoor School. A week of peace and quiet!

But seriously, I'm really excited for him. Outdoor School is a pretty amazing experience for sixth graders, and I'm glad to see that PPS is still running the program. I remember freezing my ass off, learning about leaves and lizards, cooking on a hobo stove, bunking in a musty cabin, having crushes on the seventh grade counselors, learning archery, and signing campfire songs.

But the best thing about Outdoor School? The songs! Me the choirboy who never stopped singing anyway, I loved how every night after dinner we sang for hours. But looking back to what must have been 1982 or so, I have to say, we learned some weird tunes with even stranger lyrics. I mean, half the songs we sang were gibberish peote spirituals ("A wayla, a wayla shayla oh oh oh shallywadda shallywadda oompah oopmah") and the other half were funky sixth-grade versions of fifth-grade songs ("Little rabbit in the woods," version 6.0, is a playgirl bunny, with a final lyric of "come in and we'll make out.")

I was wondering what kind of songs the kids sing around the campfire these days, so I did some internet searching and I came across this fantastic little ditty. Maybe Taylor will learn it this week and when he comes home he can teach us the melody.

Starts with an "S" and it ends with a "T"
Comes out of you and it comes out of me
I know what you're thinking and it could be called that
But be scientific and call it SCAT!

More lyrics -- and the guitar chords -- here.

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