Spring Break

Well THAT was an insane five weeks.

It's interesting but when you spend day and night writing and schmoozing for work, you don't really feel like doing much of either when you get home. So after week after week of trying to develop compelling narrative for millions of dollars of arts funding, and visiting with a lot of folks to try to persuade them to the increasing value and benefit of a strong arts community, I haven't had much energy to do anything with my free time, and now I am really in need of a break. So I'm taking this week off. Just a few observations heading into my week of rest:
  • I'm incredibly fascinated by the Clinton-Obama race.
  • I'm increasingly humored by the Sam Adams-Sho Dozono race. More on that later.
  • 73 days til I go to France, but who's counting?
  • 19 shopping days til the Red Dress Party.
  • I just realized I haven't read the Oregonian for four weeks, and I haven't missed a thing! Turns out that the NY Times, the Portland Tribune, the Portland Business Journal and the Portland Mercury tell you everything you need to know!
  • What, that Oregon chick is still on American Idol?!?

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