Dining Provancal

While most of our evenings have been spent cooking together at the villa with (mostly) fresh local ingredients, Wednesday and Thursday were special occasions, celebrating Cynthia's and Una's birthdays, respectively. A few months back, Cyn booked our reservation at the region's only Michelin-rated restaurant, a fantastic gourmet experience high atop Feyance with sweeping views of the valleys below. We ate incredibly tasty food -- and way too much of it!

The next night we dined at a restaurant recommended by our villa keeper. La Gloire de mon Pere featured a romantic outdoor patio with a fountain that had been all dressed up in flowers for the flower festival that would take place in that village (Seillans) the next day. It was so beautiful! And so was our waiter! And so was the food! Everything was pitch perfect, and Una reported that it was the best fish she had ever had. Rob had the escargot appetizer and creme brulee dessert that he had been longing for all week.

On our way back to the car, Brent and Dan ran into a friend of a friend, who was in Fayence/Seillans for a family wedding. Many in their family live in Portland, and one couple was from St. Johns (not far from our Overlook neighborhood). It's always funny to me how you can travel half way around the world and still run into people you know -- but it seems to happen more often than not.

Last night was clear but quite cool, and this morning started with clouds. Now that they have burned off, everyone is down laying by the pool, sunning themselves on our final full day in Feyance. Tomorrow, we drive to Barcelona.

Au revoir, France!

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