Election Soundtrack #5 - A Lighter Note

Are rifts developing in the McCain campaign? Is there a feud between the Palinites and the McCainiacs? Is he throwing her under the bus, or is she trying to wrestle away the steering wheel of the Straight Talk Express so she can begin steering towards 2012? There's a particularly interesting blog post on the GQ blog (where I get both political insights and fashion tips) by Robert Draper, describing the frostiness and tension on the campaign trail. Draper's blog post augments his longer article, "The Making (and Remaking) of John McCain," that appeared in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday. Perhaps these stories are simply a conspiracy of the liberal media elite to undermine the McCain campaign.

Like many, whenever I hear stories of strife within a relationship, the first people to whom I turn for insight are George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Here they are singing the new McCain-Palin campaign song, "We're Going to Hold On."

p.s. While you may think I posted this song solely for its camp value, I confess that I'm a huge George Jones fan.

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