Election Soundtrack #17: Once in a Lifetime

This one from the Talking Heads may be a stretch for the Election Soundtrack, but I was spurred to post it after hearing it used in the trailer for Oliver Stone's new film, "W."

Perhaps we can interpret the lyrics as a commentary on consumerism, the impermanence of material things, and the economic fragility many are feeling as the economy collapses. I can also hear a cautionary message for those who might vote the wrong way on Tuesday. Imagine David Byrne singing these line to someone like Joe the Plumber:

You may ask yourself: Am I right? Am I wrong?
You may say to yourself: My God, what have I done!?

On a musical note, this song has always amazed me in the way it builds a rich, holy-roller gospel feel on top of a simple, unchanging ostinato worthy of Steve Reich or Phillip Glass.

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