Monday Bagpipe Report

After a long weekend working the theater racket, I decided to toil from home today. As a result, I finally had the pleasure of hearing Southeast Portland's bagpiping unicyclist (or is he a unicycling bagpiper?) as he pedaled and skirled past my window. I had heard rumors that he was roaming the neighborhood. Thanks to the Google, I was able to find both a picture of him and an ad for his services: "Fill that void in your life with the sound of Bagpipes coming from a unicycle" says the ad copy for the talented Brian Kidd's entertainment services. Lord sakes, I even found a video on YouTube:

I don't know when that video was shot, but Mr. Kidd appears to have grown steadier in the three key aspects of his art -- riding, blowing and fingering (and please keep your witty innuendo to yourself). Consider this my post-election return to commenting on culture and life in Portland.


shobiz said...

One more reason to love quirky ole' SE Portland!

Allison Harris said...

Oh, this makes me so happy inside.