Title? We don't need no stinkin' titles.

Under normal circumstances, I’d post music related videos over at my eponymous blog site, Mighty Toy Cannon. Indeed, if you go there now, you’ll find a few new posts I put up over the weekend.

But right now I’m watching the Grammy Awards and feeling despair about just how bad (or boring) most of what I’m hearing is. How much are these people getting paid? Stevie Wonder singing “Superstition” with the Jonas Brothers? Kill me now, please. Morgan Freeman introducing Kenny Chesney, saying he’s proud to call him a “good friend.” Really? At least Robert Plant and Allison Krauss won Record of the Year. But didn’t that album come out two years ago? Okay, now Radiohead is playing with a marching band. That's not too bad and a very original idea. Or didn't Fleetwood Mac already do that on one of these shows years ago?

As an antidote, I listened some truly great music while taking the hound for his last walk of the evening. Then I came home and looked up some videos that made me happy. And I found a way to make the thematic connection to arts and culture in Portland:

One of my many weekend activities was welcoming a few thousand kids and their families to the theater (an estimated 5,000 people over the past three days alone). I took several dozen kids on backstage tours and watched their eyes grow wide with wonder as they looked into the house from the stage. Folks, tomorrow’s theater artists and audiences are coming to shows today and I’ve seen them.

So here are a couple of music videos featuring kids watching shows. The first one is from Morphine, the greatest rock 'n roll band that features a baritone sax as a lead instrument. Nay, let's just say one of the top five best rock n' roll band of ever and all times.

The second video is from the White Stripes, another band that knows how to kick out the jams.

For the record, Oregon Children's Theatre production of "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type" does not have puppets and is not at all creepy like the preceding shows. In fact, it is heckuva lot of fun. One more weekend to go. If you have kids bring 'em to the show.

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