Like Summer

It's way too nice outside, which, as Mighty Toy Cannon points out, makes it hard to attend an indoor arts event. I confess that I didn't make it through most of my arts itinerary before the great outdoors lured me in other directions; you have to seize these weekends when they happen, and we all know that there will be plenty more rain between now and the 4th of July. But I did enjoy an impromptu game of Red Dress Bingo on Sunday night, sponsored by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as a benefit for the Red Dress Party, before hosting a late night backyard barbecue for all those who worked through the weekend to build "Red Eye" in the Bodyvox Dance Studio.

It's also too hot to be inside my office, so I need to go outside soon. Seriously, between the sun beating on these large windows and the air conditioning's inability to keep up, it's 83 degrees in here, and that's just not comfortable no matter how much water I drink. Time to take the laptop to the park.

Summer's imminence also has me thinking about summer camp. At our house that might mean boot camp for Taylor, but you might be more inclined to send your own child (or someone else's) to an arts-related experience. Here's an online listing of summer arts camps for kids to help get you organized now before they fill up.


Stephen said...

The past few days have really been a "tease". We know that summer starts on July 5th in Portland.

MightyToyCannon said...

I checked out the website for this year's Red Dress Party and loved the design for the "Red Eye" theme. It's simply amazing how that event has grown.