Seattle Report #4

Here's the entry where I rattle off some of the other sessions I've been participating in, but with very little explanation or interpretation from me because there simply isn't time. Also, this format will blend nicely with Mighty Toy Cannon's reports of "the other" conference; I swear these sessions are all true, and the only thing that prevents them from being part of the poor man's conference is a good punchline.
  • Building participation in the arts as a citywide endeavor -- a discussion of public-private partnerships that get more citizens involved with the arts, with special focus on a few cities that have received Wallace Foundation awards to build local engagement in the arts.
  • Navigating the Art of Change -- the latest research on arts funding projections for 2009 and 2010. Yeah, it's not pretty.
  • Arts & Environmental Sustainability in Practice -- a presentation by Terre Jones of Wolf Trap, the country's only National Park for the Performing Arts.
  • Recession, Stimulus and Reform -- A really thorough overview of opportunities for funders and arts organizations to tap into federal funds for cultural recovery. I'll be spending a lot of my time in the next couple of weeks following up on the things I learned during the course of these two hours.

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