Inappropriate Tweets and Facebook Status Reports.

Culture Shock has fallen woefully off the pace this month; therefore, I've decided to tap the Strategic Blog Post Reserve (S.B.P.R.) tonight, even though doing so requires me to dredge up material that should continue festering in the dark corners of my hard drive.

The S.B.P.R. includes posts that are:

(1) ill-conceived;

(2) poorly written;

(3) irrelevant;

(4) boring; and/or

(5) offensive to the delicate sensibilities of our readers.

This post displays all of the weaknesses cited, but I won't let that stop me.

If you're a user of Facebook or Twitter you've certainly run across status reports or tweets that are cryptic or nonsensical.

And then there are the reports that are ripe for salacious misinterpretation. Over the past few months, I've been making note of Facebook status reports and Twitter tweets that could be double entendres, especially if read with a wink and a smirk. Perhaps some of our readers will recognize their own words (names changed to protect the innocent, etc.) among the following:

(1) June is making Ginger Peach Blackberry Pandowdy with my honey.

(2) Jack got in twelve holes before the storm came through.

(3) Mary just had an equipment malfunction.

(4) Let the flooring begin!

(5) Wonderful evening for a ride. Warm but not too hot.

(6) Bill has already gotten a little behind at work this morning.

(7) Jim is back in the heat of it.

(8) Man, I could really use a swift and ball winder.

(9) Mike just divested himself of an onerous burden.

(10) Joe is going to spend the day waxing his car.

(11) Headed to the Polish festival!

(12) I think I have to spackle a wall now... ug.

(13) I wanted to see what would happen if you stripped the fanciness away, and just did it on a bare stage with chairs.*

* That last one was courtesy of Portland Center Stage's artistic director, Chris Coleman, tweeting in response to a question about his staging of "Ragtime" -- which just opened this past weekend.

Please feel free to add your own to the list.

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