We Report, You Decide

In case you missed it, Willamette Week has launched a new Q&A section called "Dr. Know." The good doctor kicked off his inaugural edition on Wednesday by addressing several of our citizens' most burning questions, including one addressing the phallic appearance of many of Portland's public artworks.

In his investigative response, Dr. Know collected some salient input from an unidentified source at RACC -- and no, I'm not the Deep Throat in question. I can't say as I have ever thought of public art in that way, but we do want to give you the opportunity to see for yourself what all the excitement is about.


Friendship Circle


Stack Stalk



Here at Culture Shock, we believe in equal opportunity, so perhaps next week we could focus on the other end of the anatomical spectrum, beginning with Big Pipe Portal which was dedicated just yesterday.


Unknown said...

I really with this until you got to Big Pipe Portal. Let's give that one a, um, pass, shall we?

MightyToyCannon said...

Sometimes an obelisk is just an obelisk. By the way, I thought I demonstrated noble restraint in not commenting about the Big Pipe Portland post.