Even MORE shameless promotion

The Willamette Week just issued its annual Give!Guide, featuring 79 nonprofits doing great work in the community. The Give!Guide is an insert in this week's edition of the WW, but they've also created a website with lots of information about the listed organizations and the capacity to process donations directly. If you want to donate through the Give!Guide, you can select one or many organizations and make a donation online in a single transaction. ALL donated funds go to the designated organizations.

This year, the Give!Guide includes ten arts organizations – more than ever before. I like all of them:

Independent Publishing Resource Center
Literary Arts
Live Wire Radio
Newspace for Photography
Northwest Dance Project
NW Documentary
PDX Pop Now!
White Bird
Oregon Children’s Theatre

My particular favorite is Oregon Children’s Theatre. (Full disclosure: As my employer, Oregon Children’s Theatre is largely responsible for the fact that I haven’t been posting on Culture Shock lately). We’re proud to be in such august company. Of course, the Give!Guide also highlights organizations dedicated to social action, the environment, wellness, youth, animals and education.

The Give!Guide has three primary goals:

1) To encourage people 18-35 to get involved in philanthropy;
2) To attract new donors and/or volunteers to these causes; and,
3) To provide publicity and exposure for a variety of local non-profits.

To encourage giving, the Willamette Week has sprinkled in a lot of great incentives and rewards. On top of those, Oregon Children’s Theatre will be giving away ticket coupons and invitations to shop at the adidas Village Store with a 50% discount off retail prices. Also, the Collins Foundation will be matching all new contributions Oregon Children’s Theatre receives through the Give!Guide.

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