Kudos for Henk!

An exciting development for RACC's 2006 Fellowship Artist, Henk Pander. Several years ago Henk was funded by RACC to participate in an artists residency with the Portland Fire Bureau. Several prints were created as a result of the residency, and these can be seen at Fire Stations 5, 10, 20, 23, and 25.

The Department of Drawings and Prints (Rijks Prenten Kabinet) of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (Henk's home town) has just acquired for its permanent collection seven watercolours and the three large sketchbooks Henk made as part of his residency with the Fire Bureau.

Museum administrators say they were impressed with the power and cohesion of the work and especially how it gave a glimpse into the intimate workings of American society. The acquisition is part of a much larger body of Henk's work that they are currently collecting as the only Dutch artist of his generation who has worked abroad without denying his cultural heritage.

The Rijksmuseum is currently involved in an extensive remodel, but in due time his works will be on occasional public display. As Henk has said, "It goes without saying, that I am very happy with this development."

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