Monday Meetings

While I was at a town hall meeting with Sam Adams out on NE 87th Avenue discussing City investments in transportation, the environment, and arts and culture, my colleague Eloise was convening a community forum on SE 82nd (the new Chinatown) about the Chinese Dragon festival lantern public artwork. The turn-out was amazing (at her event, not mine!) and there was overwhelming support for removal of the dragon statue (one of 8 statues incorporated into the festival lanterns on NW 3rd and 4th Avenues in Old Town/Chinatown).

Kristin produced a summary timeline, which I thought was really helpful in explaining how we got here. Matt Davis has a great photo of the "Remove!" signs that many citizensbrought to the meeting -- and as he points out in his blog, nobody has asked for the statue to stay. (But no, Matt, the process isn't going to take ten years.)

KATU was there, and filed this report. Watch the video if you can. And look for articles in The Mercury, The Oregonian, and The Tribune this week as well.

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