New Coffee House

Last weekend we checked out the neighborhood's newest coffee joint, Krakow Koffee House. Situated on the ground floor of the Overlook condos just across the street from The Alibi, the Krakow offers something that is apparently very common in Poland -- a coffee house with a mini-mart inside. I was skeptical of the concept when I first read about it in the Oregonian, but the market is very tiny and very tidy, with only the bare essentials on hand which might, actually, come in very handy in a pinch. (Milk, eggs, butter, flour, stuff like that.) They serve Bridgetown Coffee (not to be confused with Stumptown Coffee) and we decided that it was actually pretty darn good and we'll be making good use of the Krakow this summer, even though it doesn't offer quite a comfortable an environment for wi-fiing as Fresh Pot or Albina Press. Still, it's a welcome addition to Overlook and the closest coffee shop to our house.

(And a dog bowl for Betty!)

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