The Pride of Portland

Well folks, I'm about to head north for the Americans for the Arts convention in Seattle. Stay tuned for reports, but please know that I am also aware of the potential to bore you to death with stories about what the administrators of local arts agencies talk about when they're all in the same room together. It couldn't possibly be as dramatic as the Drammy Awards, or as thrilling as saving the ballet. But part of me is looking forward to viewing the next big Portland arts story -- whatever it is -- from afar. And to catch up on how folks from across the country are perceiving Portland these days.

In the meantime, here are just a few quick snapshots of Sunday's pride festivities, with preferential treatment given to my friends on the Red Dress float.


Snickers said...

Portland Pride was amazing Cyn - I'm glad you had a great weekend. Did you get a chance to see me toss that beautiful flag up in the air and actually catch it?

Stephen said...

Thanks for the great pics. Red Dress is awasome!