A Note on Friday

The lazy days of summer have revealed themselves to me of late, as you can all tell by my lack of participation in blogging these past two weeks. I want to thank Mighty Toy Cannon for his continued ability to entertain us with some top-notch posts; many of you who read him here have cited him as one of your favorite bloggers in Portland, and I agree!

It's just that this arts administration stuff is hard work, especially during the summer where much time is spent contemplating, brainstorming, evaluating, writing, fundraising, and preparing for the future. All my mental energies and creative juices have been spent at this work, leaving precious little energy to explore nuggets of creativity on this blog. Hell, I couldn't even muster a review of the shows I recently saw in Ashland. That's so unlike me. My secret hope is that next weekend's JAW festivities will incite in me some kind of renewed enthusiasm for rampant creativity that I cannot help but contribute here to the conversations that are sure to take place there.

We did have a fun time at Art Spark last night. Filmmaker Andy Blubaugh was shooting a "scene" with all of the partygoers on the roof of the Hotel Deluxe parking garage. Down the street at City Hall, PDX Pop Now was kicking off their summer series, and Literary Arts staged a benefit for their Writers in the Schools program with poetry and fiction readings inside the cool Newmark Theater. (Did you hear the Dickman brothers on OPB earlier in the day?) Over in the Pearl, PCS was wrapping up its Made in Oregon series, part of the larger JAW festival that continues with more readings next weekend.

Yes, being part of it all IS hard work, and I labored for a full five days this week -- oy! As I anticipate the weekend I am reminded of a jingle that my grandfather wrote many, many years ago. It's a catchy little tune, actually, but since I cannot sing it to you, and I'm not about to make a You Tube video of myself doing so, I suggest you read it plainly and fight the impulse to fit it into The Mamas and the Papas' Monday Monday melody. My grandfather's simple sentiments on Friday came first, and he's more of the vaudeville type than a hippie.

Friday, Friday
Friday is my favorite day

Friday, Friday

Always been my favorite day

Monday is bummer

Tuesday’s only fair

Wednesday’s getting better

Thursday’s almost there

But Friday, Friday

Friday is my favorite

Always been my favorite

Friday is my favorite day


MightyToyCannon said...

I am so going to make you sing that song in person one of these days ... and soon.

MightyToyCannon said...

I heard part of the Dickman brothers interview on Think Out Loud yesterday. It was one of TOL's better episodes.