The Holiday Edition

These photos are from our friend Angie (shown here, on the left), demonstrating that it really doesn't feel like Christmas until you've had the obligatory White Elephant party.

Now there is always some debate about whether a White Elephant gift is supposed to be a NICE gift or a prank gift. I did some research on the matter and was pleased to find that the official rules are posted at Wikipedia, here. Let me help clear the air:

The name "White Elephant" originates from an old Burmese cultural reference to the value of an albino elephant, which is considered sacred and must be well taken care of, despite the financial burden that it may bring to its owner. Therefore, the gifts exchanged may be large, delicate and/or utterly pointless for the recipient (e.g., a huge stuffed animal for someone who lives in a small apartment).

Rob and I received an utterly pointless statuette of two faceless mormon newleyweds wrapped in a loving embrace.

Carmen cannot believe the Humpy Dog found his way home to her!

Here is an example of something that could be pointless to one person (Brent) and golden to another (Kathleen). This Gingerbread Train Set was the envy of the culinarily included among us, but Taylor managed to steal it toward the end of the game.

And here's Brent performing a last-minute maneuver to take home the Christmas sweatshirt.

Niiiice. As my grandfather says, "I'm sure if I liked that shirt, I'd like it very much!"

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