Thank You, Easter Bunny

Easter snuck up on me this year!

Six days before the big event, I called my mom to find out who was cooking dinner. Scott and Jodi's kids had been sick, Jason and Amy were going to Tillamook, and mom hadn't made any plans yet. So I offered to cook for mom and dad -- and they accepted. And Scott and Jodi accepted. And Jason and Amy accepted. Suddenly it was a full family affair. That's 8 adults, 4 kids, and two more on the way. And I love every minute of it!

Here's me studding the Easter ham with cloves. Very intense work!

Like I don't have enough mustard.

Here's Betty. She looks as disinterested as ever.

But moments later we got her back by dressing her up as the Easter Bunny Doggie Princess.

Here's Jodi trying to get in on the fashion action, too.

And the kids. Awwwww so cute!

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