NBA Futures

I too am a Trailblazers fan, at least by the definition most people accept in this city: We were wowed by the Blazers of '77, we loved the Blazers of '90, and we rooted for (but never quite fell in love with) the Blazers of '00. When people ask me who my favorite Blazer of all time is, I gotta go with Buck Williams. What an awesome guy.

So, you know, I am generally familiar with the goings-on of the NBA season but I gotta say this has been the most excruciatingly boring season and uneventful finals series of all time. How fortuitous then that Blazermania should resurrect itself in Portland last week when the Blazers won the #1 draft pick and virtually assured themselves of the most talented piece of center meat to come along since Shaq. Ever since then, the entire City and I have been following Greg Oden's every move. Dang, I even read his blog every week. How cute is this entry from last week?

Back to Nike, the things they did for me was like a college visit you see on tv, with all the picture of me over the campus. I saw a guy with a Ohio State shirt and I got hype I was like thats amazing someone who loves Ohio State then once i saw 30 more people with the same shirt I was like hold up not all these people like Ohio State, but its ok. Commenting on the city of Portland it is very beautiful especially when the sun is out, I heard it rains just a little bit there lol naw a lot but while i was there it didn't rain that much. The trees and mountains were very nice its a place that when I get older I would love to raise a family there. An my last spot about Portland Fred Jones is a real cool person.

Oh yeah. The Blazers are back.

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