Miss Me?

Yikes, I haven't written in weeks. But gimme a break. I've been busy.

The annual family trip to Depoe Bay was at the end of July. We always have a good time at the condo, which is perched atop a rocky cliff with great views of the harbor and any whales that are swimming around the bay. The weather was fantastic again this year but the truly sucky part is that each of the guys paid $80 to go Salmon fishing and we didn't catch a damn thing. None of the boats that were out that day had much success -- apparently we just missed a good sized school of fish that had passed through the previous day. But on our day: nothing. This left us with nothing to eat for dinner on Sunday, so dad and Scott went down to the docks in Newport and picked up some fresh tuna. And crab. And shrimp. And steamer clams. And oysters. OK, so didn't starve after all.

Also took a nice little side trip to see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Then we spent all of last week prepping the house for our first ever home exchange. You know, like that Kate Winslet/Carmen Diaz/Jack Black/Jude Law movie. A couple in San Francisco offered to swap homes so they could come to Portland to celebrate one of their birthdays, and it just so turned out that Rob would be celebrating his own birthday that same weekend, and where better to celebrate than in San Francisco? Those pics soon to come.

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