Building Red Sea

One of the great advantages to using the Kalberer Warehouse for the Red Dress Party is they can get in weeks in advance to start building the sets in place for the party -- as opposed to building them in one location and loading them in the morning of the party, as we had to do for Red Light in 2005 and Velvet Rope in 2007. For the past two Saturdays, dozens of volunteers have been cleaning, building, painting, and otherwise prepping the space for 1,500 guests on April 12th.

This year's theme is Red Sea, and set designer Brent is putting a spin on the Egyptian possibilities -- it's as if a cruise ship were traveling up the Red Sea when disaster strikes. Think Cleopatra aboard the Poseidon. The nautical scene will have several underwater elements and a tilting feeling, or even upside-down, including a giant chandelier coming out of the floor.

At last count, more than 1,100 tickets have been sold, and all VIP tickets are gone.

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