Chelsea Boy

So there I am talking to my friends at the Red Dress Party when I sense this commotion behind me. Next thing I know, Chelsea Clinton is standing there smiling, and she LOVES my HAT! Flashpots going off everywhere; I'm hoping to track down at least one photo of me visiting with the former First Daughter. In the meantime (because some people don't believe me that the party that started in our basement now attracts presidential families): read Just Out's account. Or Willamette Week's.

Chelsea was: radiant, smart, sexy, generous, friendly, intrigued, smiley, confident, curious, and kind. But she was not wearing a red dress. Hmph!

Look! Here she is with Rob!


Eric V. said...

Show us a photo of you in the hat!

culturejock said...

I'm trying to find one! ;)