OMG, I'm in France

After a hiatus of far too long, we are finally back in Europe. Yeehaw! Our first stop was Paris, where we spent just two short days seeing all of things that one sees then they're in the City of Lights:

Sacre Cour

Arc de Triumph

Musee d' Orsay

The Louvre

Some fountain.

Some cafe.

Luxemborg Gardens.

Yesterday we took a short flight from Paris to Nice, picked up our rental (an Alpha Romero), and drove to our villa outside of Feyance. It is just as large and lovely as we hoped it would be -- maybe even more! Totally charming.

They are having an usually wet spring here in Provence, which subjects us to showers throughout the day, but it's keeping everything lush and green, and there is more sun than rain so it is still perfectly lovely.

Today we are all just lounging about, relaxing and reading on the beautiful grounds. A few in our group just went down to the supermarket only to learn that it's closed on Sunday, but I hear they managed to find a boulangerie that sold wine, and I suspect we'll be opening those bottles very shortly. Then perhaps a tour of Fayence. We shall see. I'm certainly not in any hurry to do anything today -- I'm just enjoying being here!

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