Portland leads

Since this blog attempts to articulate the culture of Portland, I thought it appropriate to share this Nightly News story about Portland's bicycle culture.

I'm not much of a cyclist myself. MAX is so incredibly convenient for me (less than a block from our house) that the train is my commuting method of choice. Also, I'm a baby, I admit it: I don't like getting sweaty on my way into work and I don't like biking up that Interstate hill to Overlook Park on the way home. But I do love the idea of bikes. The civic investment in bikes. The culture of bikes. Go Portland!

And to connect this conversation with the arts, I'll be fascinated to see what Brian Borrello and Vanessa Renwick come up with for a new piece of public art funded by PDOT in collaboration with the Zoobombers. Stay tuned for more information on this project -- it's bound to be controversial.

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