Ralph Nader is not your savior!

Did you see this piece in the New York Times on Sunday?

photo: Brian Lee/New York Times

This progressive Portland woman, an artist, just can't stand Barack Obama anymore. She's "disgusted" with him, apparently because of his pragmatic approach to winning the November election which requires finding some ways to attract Republicans and Independents into his campaign. Arnold Schwarzenegger was talking about a similar issue on This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday -- that of course you pander to the left or the right when you're seeking the nomination, then you move much more center and occasionally even cross over to the other side on some issues in order to win the general election -- and anyone who doesn't understand that is a fool. Sorry, Martha, but I gotta agree with Arnold on that one. We cannot be so blind in our idealism that we sabotage the methodology that is fundamentally required to make changes in this county. Given that there is a binary choice between two men for our next president, you gotta work to elect the guy who might actually care about the same things you do, then get involved in something that's bigger than yourself to influence his thinking when he's in office. Don't be so obsessed with what they're saying right now to win votes, see if you can get a sense about what they really believe. Sure I'd like a little more straightforwardness myself, but let's be pragmatic about this. Any person who said exactly what they think all of the time will never, ever, get elected to the office of the President in this country, so let them explore subtle ways to incorporate their thinking into the minds of the average American.

I do love it that anytime the NYT runs a story on the lefties in this country, it's likely to include some fascinating perspectives from Portlanders. So even though I don't agree with Martha, I love that she was quoted. It's all part of our increasing international reputation as a progressive City that has just GOT to be annoying the hell out of Lars Larson and his ilk! Since the ultra-conservatives are the same folks who like say, "If you Jewish people don't like that you have Christian prayer in your schools, go to some other school," then maybe they'll get tired of this groundswell of liberalism and move away. I can dream can't I?

And another thing. How do you feel about the growing trend of Independents in this country, and their increasing habit of changing party affiliations only temporarily in order to vote for a certain candidate in the primary election? I know several friends who did this last spring to vote for Barack Obama, but I can't help feeling that it's a little bit greedy on their part. I mean, YEAH, I'd love to have it both ways too, but pick a side and stay on it for a while, will you??? If you choose to be an independent -- and I think that's awesome -- why are you choosing to manipulate a party's selection process but want nothing to do with the party otherwise? Unfair.

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