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One of our Culture Shock compatriots has leaked our presence to Barry Johnson, former-Oregonian critic who shares the blog, Art Scatter (or is it Arts Catter?), with another favorite ex-O writer, Bob Hicks.

Since our colleague is an accomplished marketeer, I suspect that she applied a little spin, telling Barry to expect insight and erudition here. (Just as she may have dutifully tried to convince him that Portland Center Stage’s idea of transforming "Search for Signs of Intelligent Life" (1996-97 season) from a Lily Tomlin vehicle to a three-hander was a really good idea).

In noting his discovery of Culture Shock, Barry said, "There’s going to be a lot of Portland theater news on that site, if I’m any judge at all."

He may be right, but my bet is that what you will find written here (at least by me) will pale next to the consistently outstanding commentary found at Art Scatter. The Art Scatterers apparently share a vision of producing thoughtful observations and analysis. If the gang here at Culture Shock shares any goal, it is to tickle one another until milk (or gin) spouts from our noses. Our cultural commentary is of the variety best shared over strong drink and illegal fireworks.

For example, in pondering the scaffolding upon which I might hang my commentary, I came up with the topic headings listed below. The reader will note a rapid devolution into silliness. And, I lay down the challenge for others to add to my list.

On Stage: Commentary on the performing arts.
On My Mind: Consideration of Big Ideas, Vision and Innovation
On the Bus: Field notes from the #15 Belmont.
On the Street: Musings about my SE Portland neighborhood.
On the Air: Observations on radio, television and the internet.
On my Headphones: What I'm listening to now.
On My Nightstand: Book reviews and recommendations
On the Top of My Head: Notes on Hats!
On the Tip of My Tongue: Words, neologisms and things overheard.
On a Bender: Bar and drink reviews.
On and On: Blogging about blogging (like this!)
On a Roll: Sushi and/or pastry reviews.
On the Rag: Criticism of the Oregonian.
On Ono: News and analysis of Yoko and the world of palindromes.
On Lyon Only: Travel writing sponsored by the Office du Tourisme Francaise.
On the Horse You Rode in On: Equestrian activities in and about Portland.
On Onan: Solo adventures.

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On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen!