A Recommended Diversion

I'm buried in grant writing this week. It's not a particularly creative form of writing--just a lot of cutting, pasting and trimming to fit whatever limits a grantmaker has decreed. I find myself spending far too much time searching for that one perfect paragraph, one that I vaguely remember having written for another grant proposal ... if only I could remember when I wrote it , who it was for, and where it now resides on my computer.

So, in the interest of keeping Culture Shock lively with a new post without having to write anything new, I'm going to cheat by diverting readers to our colleagues at Art Scatter. Barry Johnson initiated a fun dialogue about movies, "My Brain's on Fire: Movies That Moved Me." He's invited readers to identify not their all-time top faves, but the films that influenced them in some way. If you visit and contribute an entry, perhaps Blog Karma (is there such a thing) will return the favor.


culturejock said...

I bet you are really enjoying the fact that the RACC website keeps crashing today just in time for the project grant deadline! Chris tells me the RACC web host is SO FIRED.

cynseattle said...

I'm concerned that Mightytoycannon has revealed his trade secrets to the entire blogosphere!