What would Jesus do?

Sometimes you want to be nice to the fundamentalists, and encourage them when they look beyond their own congregations to support the community in which they live -- like Luis Palau is doing with his "CityFest" celebration on community service in Portland. But then they go and say stupid things like this:

Willamette Week:
Will believers be uncomfortable with the opening day welcome from gay Mayor-elect Sam Adams?
Luis Palau:
There may be a few who get uptight... but Jesus Christ mingled with the ladies of the night. He even mingled with the alcoholics of his day.

Oy vey. Thanks so much for mingling, Luis!

Willamette Week also had a curious tour of Portland design in today's paper, which has prompted me to share some other hidden art gems in another post soon to follow.


MightyToyCannon said...

And lo the Angel of God came unto them upon the wings of a BMX bicycle, saying go forth and Twitter. And the disciples did wander the waterfront, rockin’ hard, and Livin It through Action Sports amidst the ladies of the night, the hard drinkers, the sodomites and the Greshamites seeking churros and carnival rides.

cynseattle said...

Is it safe to go outside again?