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We're political junkies here at Culture Shock; you can see it in everything we write in a blog that's purportedly about arts and culture. But without a doubt, the arts are increasingly intertwined with politics, which is why the The Oregon Arts & Culture Political Action Committee (Oregon Art PAC) is getting more and more traction every year when it announces its recommendations for local elected office. Today, they endorsed Amanda Fritz for Portland City Commissioner and Mike Delman for Multnomah County Commissioner in the November general election.

The news isn't posted on their website yet, so here -- I'll quote from their press release:

With so many dedicated and qualified candidates, our decision process was difficult. We ultimately selected those candidates who we felt best reflected the highest level of commitment to arts and culture funding and the ability to follow through if elected.

We understand that these are challenging times, but we cannot allow our political leaders to use that as an excuse to put arts and culture funding on the back burner. We view arts and culture as a vital component of the infrastructure which is vital to our children’s growth, to our economy and to the overall vitality of our region. Our creative capacity cannot be compromised. artPAC will continue to work towards educating our leaders about arts and culture issues and supporting those candidates who best understand and commit to its future well being.

The ten candidates in the five contests were asked to answer four questions via a written questionnaire. Nine of the ten candidates responded and also participated in face to face follow up interviews held at the Pulliiam Deffenbaugh Gallery. We wish to thank all the participating candidates and our team of evaluators and supporters from Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah Counties.

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Anonymous said...

Any idea why Charles Lewis, founder of Ethos, didn't receive an endorsement? I'm surprised!