BodyVox's new home

This evening we were given a sneak peak at BodyVox’s new home at NW Northrup and 17th, in the old Corberry Press building. Readers may have been in the building when it was used by PICA for TBA visual arts installations over the past few years. Though a rough, raw shell of an industrial building now, it’s not hard to imagine its transformation (the renderings by BOORA taped on the walls were a help). When completed, the dance company founded by Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland will have not only plenty of room for rehearsals and offices, but a space for classes and an intimate performance venue (150 seats?). They plan to make the venue available for other users when doing so doesn’t conflict with their own use—a welcome addition for the region’s smaller dance companies. Did I mention that the Portland Streetcar goes right past the building?

BodyVox's open house was full of arts aficionados and practitioners alike. The event included a chance encounter between least four bloggers representing both Culture Shock and our neighbors at Art Scatter . While we like to think of ourselves as friendly colleagues, here's a little footage of that encounter captured by the BodyVox security cams:

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cynseattle said...

At last, the truth about cultural blogging comes to light!

Thanks to MightyToyCannon for taking on the challenge -- I predicted ArtScatter would beat us to the punch on the BodyVox space, but NO! we win!!