Another Emmy Award Ceremony

I was going to write about the great performance by Portland Taiko I experienced Saturday night, and the fabulous dinner with fellow Culture Shocker and companions on Friday night. But, a few glasses of wine at dinner, and the best I can do is flop in front of the Prime Time Emmy award show. And here it is three hours later.

Most of the show's schtick was cringe-inducing, especially a “Laugh In” bit that was just plain sad given what a ground-breaking show it was forty years ago. Tom Smothers deserved his commemorative Emmy, and I’m glad he’s still willing to speak the truth: “There is nothing scarier than watching ignorance in action."

Tina Fey deservedly won for both best actress and writing in a Comedy Series, and the show won again for Best Comedy Series. In her speech she astutely commented, "We're all so very grateful to have jobs in this turkey-burger economy."

On winning for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his brilliant work on 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin called Tina Fey, the "Elaine May of her generation." For you young 'uns, here's Elaine May in a skit with partner Mike Nichols from old timey time. It seems appropriate given 30 Rock's frequent references to General Electric's ownership of NBC.


shobiz said...

I was very happy to see Tina Fey continue to be lauded for her comic genius. And Tommy Smothers' comments were right on. As a big Steve Martin fan, and having just read his memoir, Born Standing Up, I especially enjoyed seeing him present Tommy's award.

MightyToyCannon said...

MightyToyCannon's better half, the Dog Walkerer, also gives Steve Martin's memoir a big thumbs up. I have it on my reading list.