Welcome to the Fall ...The Fall Performing Arts Season that is.

Autumn in Portland. As September slips into October, glorious days of Indian summer trick us momentarily. But we can't ignore the signs that the season has changed: the sky is shuttered early, the evening air crisps, children with new Hannah Montana backpacks are trundled to school … and everybody is opening a damn show. The 2008-2009 performing arts season has been loosed upon the land.

With a new arts season comes the chance that those of us toiling in the culture mines will be invited to a performance featuring the creative work of a family member, a friend, a colleague or a convivial barista. And afterwards, someone is sure to ask, “Well… what did you think?”

Over the weekend I discovered this video by Thunderant, the comedy team of Portlander (and former Sleater-Kinney guitarist) Carrie Brownstein, and SNL cast member Fred Armisen. The ornate exterior of the Hollywood Theatre makes a brief cameo. The piece brilliantly captures the painful dilemma in which we may find ourselves.

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