Big design decisions to make

Never mind the Oregonian's editorial today on the proposed SMART Tower. No, the real design story du jour comes from Vivian McInerny, who reveals that a project known as e-MANcipate is working to accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item. Why are more people not talking about this???

Portland Fashion Week kicks off one week from tonight. I hope that we can answer the group's question, "Is pink pantyhose too femmy for men?" in time.


Marc Acito said...

As one who's been known to wear "manscara" and a skirt (okay, a kilt) there's nothing too femmy for men.

Anonymous said...

I think they look butch!

Anonymous said...

I am SO buying a pair of pink pantyhose now.

Anonymous said...

Do it!

In our postmodern society, I don't think this question will ever be truly answered because you have to address so many relative factors. Best to just ask and leave it alone to see what the others do. Sometimes it's fun to watch.

I love that these questions get asked and never answered because then they keep creeping up periodically in the New York Times for us to marvel at. Is it all right for a dude to wear short shorts with loafers and a sport coat into the office? The Times says YES!