Right Brain Illustrated

To follow up on an old post that's fallen off the front page, The Right Brain Initiative has finally made its animated video available online at www.therightbraininitiative.org. It took a while for the design firm North to secure all of the copyright clearances for every image that's used in this video. I never really think about this much, but it's a big business selling stock photos and quality graphics (Getty Images charges several hundred to several thousand dollars for a single photo), and some of the original video aired at the rollout event last month included some, ahem, "borrowed" images. But all of the graphic elements have since been replaced with images available through Creative Commons affiliates such as Flickr. You'll see credits at the end of the piece for many of the images that were used in accordance with their free licensing agreement.

But enough from me. Check out the video.

Other versions will soon be available on You Tube and other streaming video providers so that sites and blogs (like this one) can embed the actual video into their content.

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Unknown said...

Cool. Thanks for the tip, CJ. Glad this spiffy little video is finally online.