Blazers and Beethoven

In case you're like me and you forget to read the "How We Live" section of The Oregonian most days (except on Mondays, when there is often content of great interest)... there is actually a pretty fun and informative read in today's newspaper wherein humor novelist Marc Acito and sports writer Ryan White swap beats. Acito's interpretation of his first-ever Trail Blazer game is priceless, and White has some really interesting observations from his first opera.

I'm liking this switcharoo thing, and The Oregonian's innovative take on cultural exchange! I'd be interested in hearing how the idea came about, and will refrain from any jokes about Ryan White being a better critic than some others I have read recently (in other, less intelligent newspapers, of course).

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MightyToyCannon said...

I share your amusement over Marc's description of the Blazer's game, and love the idea of using a T-shirt cannon at the opera. For anybody who is now more deeply interested in the intersecton of basketball and culture, I direct you to Marty Hughley's Nov. 3article in the Oregonian on a similar theme: "Do the Blazers Really Require a Soundtrack?"