Election Soundtrack #15: Hit the Road Jack ... put another way.

In "Guess Who Batman," ("GWB") Lily Allen shares sentiments that could be directed toward our outgoing administration. For readers with sensitive sensibilities, excuse the language, or shield your ears.


shobiz said...

This is fantastic. I know a little Lily Allen, but I didn't know this one. How appropriate! Gotta love it. And may I say, while some of us (such as myself) are spending so much time fretting over WHO will be NEXT, I've almost forgotten what a joy it will be to say F-You and goodbye to the outgoing ass-ministration. Yay!!!!!

MightyToyCannon said...

None of us will know how the history books will describe the current administration 100 years from now. I suspect it won't be good, and there's some vindication in that.