Arctic Storm Blast: Countdown #1

Don't worry, I'm not really planning to start a song series to count down the chill days of winter. After all, there's no telling how long Arctic Blast 2008 is going to last. Will it turn into Arctic Blast 2009? Will Christmas be cancelled due to lack of mobility?

Here's "White Winter Hymnal" from Fleet Foxes to warm the cockles of your heart on this slip sliding day.


Anonymous said...

We just discovered the Fleet Foxes a few months ago. I really like their sound...reminiscent of Brian Wilson. We had them on in the background when out cat, Eli, died and it seemed appropriate. Now their music will now always be marked with that association, but I find a kind of comfort in that.

MightyToyCannon said...

It's a wonder what four or five voices can create together. The comparison with Brian Wilson is certainly on target. And music can be a powerful accompaniment for the important moments in our lives.