Blog on Blog Action

To keep up with the latest news of the Sam Adams Sex Scandal (SASS), I've been lurking on Portland Mercury's Blogtown--an intriguing source of information and perspective, what with that publication itself enmurked™ in the controversy. If you're wondering what Mr. M.T. Cannon has to say about it all (and I know you're not), I'm opting to stay out of the fray on this one. There's already enough monkey poop flying from all sides.

Given the hullabaloo of local news (did you hear that we have a new President?), I only just now noticed that Culture Shock has achieved the enviable status of being included on Blogtown's "Our Friends" list. Moreover, the link actually goes to the right spot. (The Mercury's arch nemesis, Willamette Week, is also listed as a Friend but with a link to the AARP website). Color us honored.

Have a good weekend. Go see some theater.

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