No Resolution in Sight.

This grim, gray drippy day is a miserable way to launch a new year. At least we are snug at home for the day, catching up on unread newspapers, e-mail and, of course, the blog-o-world. Starting tomorrow we will try to regain the productive momentum that dissipated in the swirl of holiday frenzies and snowflakes. A cup of coffee from Stumptown helps.

Goodbye to 2008. I don’t have any “Top 10” lists or retrospectives to share. Nor will I be making resolutions or laying out a grand strategy for 2009. I predict that 2008 will be one of those marker years, like 1969 (when we landed on the moon) or 2001 (when ... well, you remember what happened in 2001). 2008 will be remembered for its good and its bad: The election of Barack Obama and the meltdown of the economy respectively. Here's hoping that the former will contribute to resolving the latter.

While we're still standing on this threshold of a new year, let me thank Culture Jock for inviting me to contribute to this blog. When he extended the invitation, I had a threefold reaction: (1) What would I have to say?; (2) Who cares?; and, (3) Where will I find the time? Some four score blog posts later, I guess I've answered the first question. The other two are still open to debate, but it's been fun and I will keep on with it. I thank our readers, as well as fellow bloggers who are commenting on life and culture in Portland. (You'll find our favorite sites listed to the right).

Here’s a little New Year’s greeting which I cobbled together from found footage, with a backing track, “Yes We Can, Can” (written by Allen Toussaint and performed by Lee Dorsey). I hope you enjoy it and will keep visiting and commenting.

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