Literary Award Announced!

This morning, while catching up on delinquent blog reading, I was delighted and honored to learn that I won a prestigious literary award last week. PDX Writer Daily is a site I’ve been visiting since discovering that Culture Shock had been added to its blog roll. A product of the PSU Writing Center, the site bills itself as “News and information for writers in Portland Oregon.” I figure that qualifies Culture Shock as a literary resource, and you’re welcome.

Last week, PDX Writer Daily challenged its readers to create haikus inspired by the Snuggie™, noting that “all the best inventions have haikus written in their honor.” I know you’ve seen the television commercials for this revolutionary product: the fleece blanket with sleeves. You may have been tempted to order one, but couldn’t decide on the right color (it’s made in a patriotic spectrum of red, white or blue).

I’ve been unable to resist a haiku contest ever since the Oregonian published one of my three line creations in “The Edge” over a decade ago. (I don’t remember the topic except that it included reference to Mayor Katz). With this new challenge, I unrolled a length of rice paper, inked up my calligraphy brush and reached into my deep spring of inspiration to come up with four little poems:

Wrapped by snug fleece gown,
Raptly watching blue screen glow.
In winter rapture.

A blanket with sleeves.
Not to be worn on first dates
Or to the opera.

Call it what you may:
Sleeved quilt or coverlet.
It is thy death shroud.

My backside is cold,
But my two hands are as free
As a soaring hawk

Of course I was chagrined to have placed only third in the competition (for the last poem on the above list). My disappointment deepened when I calculated that I had submitted nearly two-thirds of the total contest entries, so the odds were in my favor. (Plus the pity factor).

You’ll have to visit PDX Writer Daily to read the other “winning” entries, which may adhere to the haiku’s standard metrical pattern, but lack either kigo (seasonal reference) or kireji (a verbal caesura). I’m just saying.
Perhaps Culture Shock readers can do better.


culturejock said...

Congratulations, MTC! I'd write a haiku to celebrate you, but I am intimidated.

MightyToyCannon said...

Thanks CJ. I'll let you off the hook, haiku-wise since you've done a great job this month of keeping us on our toes on the arts advocacy front.

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