Posters for the New Troubles

ReadyMade is a magazine and web site that bills its content as “Instructions for Everyday Life.” Think of it as a kind of Martha Stewart Living for cool, crafty creatives. (Apologies for the egregious use of "creatives" -- the term should be stricken from our vocabulary).

In a recent issue, ReadyMade asked several illustrators and designers to re-imagine WPA-era posters, "with the intention to usher in a new era of social action art.”

The editors asked the artists to examine posters created during the Great Depression (or Great Depression #1), and to consider these timely questions:
Given the current economic meltdown, this 75th anniversary of the New Deal has particular resonance. How might the current government stem the tide of economic and psychological depression? Can artists and designers help in similar ways today?
We trust that Culture Shock readers are up-to-speed on the latest political machinations over the proposed prohibition on arts funding in the economic stimulus plan. If not, catch up by reading Culture Jock's perspective and/or those found on Art Scatter. Gird your loins and write to your representatives.

Once you've done that, visit ReadyMade and download the poster created by Christoph Niemann (shown above). You can also download four other posters, including the one on the right from Nick Dewar.

Other poster titles are:

Eat Local, Buy Local, Grow Local
Let Them Grow
Know Other People

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