The Car

I try to avoid most of the quizzes that pop up on Facebook. However, I recently succumbed to the inquiry about my first five cars. My answers were:

(1) 1963 VW bug;
(2) 1977 VW Scirroco;
(3) 1964 Triumph TR4a;
(4) 1986 Subaru wagon;
(5) 1965 Ford stepside pickup.

Of course, I have stories to go with each of these. However, instead of telling those, I'll let Raymond Carver give you his list.

Raymond Carver

The car with a cracked windshield.
The car that threw a rod.
The car without brakes.
The car with a faulty U-joint.
The car with a hole in its radiator.
The car I picked peaches for.
The car with a cracked block.
The car with no reverse gear.
The car I traded for a bicycle.
The car with steering problems.
The car with generator trouble.
The car with no back seat.
The car with the torn front seat.
The car that burned oil.
The car with the rotten hoses.
The car that left the restaurant without paying.
The car with bald tires.
The car with no heater or defroster.
The car with its front end out of alignment.
The car the child threw up in.
The car I threw up in.
The car with the broken water pump.
The car whose timing gear was shot.
The car with the blown head-gasket.
The car I left on the side of the road.
The car that leaked carbon monoxide.
The car with the sticky carburetor.
The car that hit the dog and kept going.
The car with the hole in its muffler.
The car my daughter wrecked.
The car with the twice-rebuilt engine.
The car with the corroded battery cables.
The car bought with a bad check.
Car of my sleepless nights.
The car with a stuck thermostat.
The car whose engine caught fire.
The car with no headlights.
The car with a broken fan belt.
The car with wipers that wouldn’t work.
The car I gave away.
The car with transmission trouble.
The car I washed my hands of.
The car I struck with a hammer.
The car with payments that couldn’t be met.
The repossessed car.
The car whose clutch-pin broke.
The car waiting on the back lot.
Car of my dreams.
My car.


Unknown said...

The car I sold for scrap for 17 dollars,
which in turn helped finance the next car I bought for 75 dollars,
which in turn I sold for scrap for 19 dollars,
which ...

MightyToyCannon said...

My biggest car regret of all time is trading the Triumph TR4a (which had stopped running and needed a brake job) for a VW Bug (which barely ran and squirted brake fluid all over the interior), just because I had to get the car out of the driveway and the Bug could be sold quickly, albeit for a tiny, tiny fraction of what that Triumph would be worth today.