Excuse me, but your brandscape is fragmented.

I just received a reminder of the Innotech conference (“The Business and Technology Innovation Conference and Expo”) at the Convention Center next week. This year’s keynote speaker will be Rahaf Harfoush, a new media strategist and member of Obama’s Social Media Team. She’ll be giving an insider perspective on the Obama campaign’s use of social media to win the election. While that may be fascinating and practical, I can’t imagine it being more exciting than this conference session:

Experience Strategies: Maximizing Customer Engagement in the Fragmented Brandscape

Oh my. That reminded me of a link Culture Shock contributor, cynseattle, found a few weeks ago. The Landcape Urbanism Bullshit Generator is a user friendly tool for anyone operating in the fieldscape of landscape urbanism. I used it to generate this erudite recommendation about the Rose Quarter. (By which I mean the Memorial Coliseum razing that Mayor Sam Adams is ramrodding, bulldozing, railroading and dragooning past any semblance of public process, thoughtful consideration or economic reality).*
To negotiate the urban experience, we must first bundle performative fields and extend self-organizing phase-states. Only by expediting robust synergies within an aggregated landscape grid will we effectively reclaim the hyperbolic dynamics and generate the customized networks needed to enable front-end armatures. Furthermore, as we mesh green contexts within post-urban clusters, we will begin to incentivize permeable partnerships as integrated bleeding-edge models of biodiversification.

Imagine the grant proposals that could be written with this simple tool!

* Please visit Tim DuRoche's post on this topic on his Burnside Blog.

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