Last Call

Here we are, Friday's pretty much over and I have yet to post "Last Call" for the weekend of April 4-5. Sorry about that! I appreciate the work that Mighty Toy Cannon has been doing to post some really interesting tidbits this week while I've been slaving a way on the final draft of the final report of the Regional Creative Capacity Project. I know, I know. You've been holding your breath and you are atwitter* with anticipation and all of that. But seriously. Save the date for April 13 and come to the Town Hall meeting at PCS at 5PM where all will be revealed and the revolution will officially begin.

Meanwhile, your Last Call.

Don't miss the Foot Opera Files, which performs Saturday at 7:30 PM. (The final show on Sunday is sold out.) The reviews have been mixed, but for me the Tom Waits ballads as performed by three by trained opera singers fit fantastically with the Bodyvox style, wherein modern and whimsical dances are performed by classically-trained ballet dancers. The movements aren't always precise and the music sometimes feels strange in this stylistic in-between, but the collaboration is constantly magical. Bodyvox really shines in an intimate venue like this (their new home) and the live music contributes to the feeling that this is what a really good, late-night, old-fashioned cabaret must have felt like.

The Portland Gay Men's Chorus performs an international smorgasbord of music on Saturday at 8pm and Sunday 2pm with "Earthy Harmonies." Really, the Chorus just keeps getting better and better and this tour of China, Africa, Mexico, Estonia, Israel, India, and the South Pacific should be really great.

That's a shorter list than usual, so if you know of any other must-sees that are about to disappear, please tell us in the comments section!

* This seems like an opportunity to adapt Twitter somehow. CynSeattle, can you get on that?

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cynseattle said...

Foot Opera Files was, I thought, transcendentally beautiful. Strong words, I know, but maybe the timing of it was perfect for me. I found the show wistful and joyous and playful and moving. Congrats Bodyvox...