Read Write Poem

While we're on the topic of National Poetry Month (and we may be for awhile) ... one of the activities the Academy of American Poets suggests as a way to celebrate poetry is to write a poem of your own.

If you're feeling truly gung ho, you can even commit to writing a poem a day for the thirty days of April. The folks over at readwritepoem are providing daily prompts and encouragement to do just that as part of a program they are calling "NaPoWriMo: 30 Poems in 30 days."

As long as haikus and limericks are acceptable, I may give it a shot. Don't worry, I won't publish them all here. Here's a haiku to get warmed up:

A poem each day?
I don’t think it’s possible
with April this cold.

See, how hard can it be?


Unknown said...

No poem today.
Sun shining so brightly
I can't think of art.

MightyToyCannon said...

A poem to mark
that the cold drizzle fizzled!
The perfect comeback.

Unknown said...

Ah! I feel so fine
It's, like, warmth from the heavens.
I'm soaking it up.

MightyToyCannon said...

Endless haiku loop,
reciprocating poems.
Next the limerick?