I Oughtta Be In Pictures

A producer in Los Angeles is looking for the perfect Portland location for the Anthropologie Fall catalogue photo shoot. Can Culture Shock readers help? What they need is an an old style house or rustic cabin that is decorated very eclectic with a mix of art and antiques, mid century modern. Perhaps something like this:

Or this:

Or this:

They pay $1,000 per day as a location fee.

If you know of such a place, contact Greg at The Focus Studio, 310.399.9400 or better yet send him pictures: greg@thefocusstudio.com.


Natalie said...

Um, are you submitting your house? I think it's a perfect example of Portland Style.

culturejock said...

Thanks Natalie. But we don't have much in the way of "antiques" (some would say "junk") in our house.

Stephen said...

My house is perfect... it is a mix of very modern furniture & broken architectual elements. I call this style-
post apocalyptic bohemian.
We have a Louise Phillipe Sofa circa 1812 paired with a table made from an industrial mixing bowl.