Keeping Score

Did you happen to notice? Probably not. Do you care? I doubt it. Forgive me my few moments of navel gazing.

Culture Shock has managed to reach a self-imposed goal of averaging one post per day for the month of May—with two days left to go! In a post early in the month, I pondered whether such a feat would be possible. Could my colleagues and I keep up the grueling pace for an entire month? Would we tuck into each other’s slipstreams to conserve energy on the long straight-aways? Could we maintain our stamina over the long hills, and reserve enough energy for the final sprint to the ribbon? Would we be busted on doping charges?

I had my doubts. I neglected the fact that May was going to be busy for everybody (but what month isn’t?), and that I would be spending a sizeable portion of the past week with family in town for the wedding of my youngest (yes, I am now officially old).

Well, with this post, we’ve hit 31 entries for the month. And looking back, the month wasn’t packed with shabby little posts and pictures of kittens. Culture Shock gave you poetry, reviews (book and theater), public service announcements, plugs for upcoming events, propaganda for arts and culture, impassioned rants, and a few futile stabs at humor. We’ve grown to have 20 followers – a veritable nation in the blogosphere. We received 66 comments (though, admittedly, a goodly number of those were made by ourselves).

Not that we’re competing, but your's truly contributed 15 (including this one), Dr. Culture Jock came up with 13 (with a flurry of cogent posts recently, and our first live blogging experiment from the Oregon Arts Summit), and CynSeattle gave us three (for which we are grateful).

Can we maintain the pace for June? It hath thirty days, as we know.

NOTE: The image above is an actual score card used to judge pigs.


Unknown said...

When falling behind, just take a few comments and repackage them as a new post. Art Scatter has been known, on rare occasion, to resort to this underhanded tactic.

MightyToyCannon said...

I also appreciate Art Scatter's occasional retrospectives -- the link back to posts of yore which would otherwise disappear like gossamer set adrift on a spring breeze.

Stephen said...

It is a great blog & we appreciate your efforts. I also made a goal to do one post a day, & some days it is difficult. I don't know if I have anything to say, I can't find any famous gay person born on this day, it looks like I am copying some other blogger's idea etc.
Thanks again for your good work!

MightyToyCannon said...

Stephen, I admire your accomplishments! And you're working alone in posting daily, whereas we here at Culture Shock are able to share the load.

Miss Laura said...

31 bloggings and a wedding. Congrats!